Cassie From Basketball Wives Rocks The Bitch Ring With Style

Crystal Studded Bitch Ring Two or Three Finger Knuckle Ring 6When we saw Cassie from Basketball Wives rocking a bitch ring, we needed to do a double take! There are many great items in the world of fashion jewelry, but the bitch ring really caught our eye. We knew we had a hot item. When we saw a celebrity sporting it, that just topped it all off!

Nothing says “I’m a kick-ass woman with an attitude for success” like one of these gold or silver color bitch rings. The multi-finger ring style brings out the toughness that every woman needs to have. The rings come in either gold or silver tones and have a crystal-studded word “Bitch” written in a great font style for the ring’s main feature.

Don’t get it twisted though, Cassie from Basketball Wives isn’t the only powerful woman taking control of her life and sporting one of these, oh no! We have seen quite a few celebrities making this a part of their wardrobe. Take a look at Rihanna, Alicia Keys, or even Solange! There is a pattern here. Each of these women are prime examples of females taking the reigns and carrying a “don’t take no for an answer” image.

The real question lies with you! Are you going to be the woman who doesn’t take no for an answer? If you’re anything like Cassie, Rihanna, Solange, or Alicia Keys, then a bitch ring would suit your style. The good thing about these rings is, the gold and silver color go with any outfit, but the crystals are definitely what tops it all off!

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