Chunky Jewelry Trending Big With Celebs!

As the spring temperatures start to make way into our lives, people are wearing less and less clothing for much sexier and season-appropriate looks. One look that has been starting to catch on is a layered, chunky jewelry image. These chunky necklaces have a lot of layers and they aren’t neatly stacked! The idea is to create a tough and rugged look with an elegant twist. This type of chunky jewelry is bulky, large pendant and trinket oriented, and trendy stackable pieces.

To really nail the look, such as Jessica Biel and Heidi Klum in the image down below, a good mix of bulky pendant necklaces and small layered necklaces really make the image look fantastic.With Jessica Biel’s set, you can see a more stylish and everyday look for when you want to go out to brunch with a friend, shop for a bit, maybe have a salon day. As for Heidi’s necklace set, you can see more of the elegant cocktail party/red carpet event look.

Buy It Noww - Chunky JewelrySo, if you take the time to piece together your own chunky jewelry look, then you’ll most definitely be looking fantastic like one of these celebrities!

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