Vanessa Hudgens & Malin Akerman Sporting Mustache Ring On Camera

Mustache-Ring-Vanessa-HudgensMustache rings aren’t a fad, but they’re a craze! We knew, the moment we first laid eyes on one, that this style is going to hit the fashion world hard! You can get anything with a mustache on it now. Whether it is on shirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, or even a mustache ring, you can find it!

A mustache ring may come in many different styles, but that’s what makes them so awesome! For instance, we saw this image of Vanessa Hudgens (top left) glamorously wearing a mustache ring, as she seems to be out and about around town!

If that’s not enough for you to think that this is trending, take a look at the absolutely beautiful Malin Akerman hosting her show on TV. The mustache ring on her hand now has some prime time real estate – right in front of the camera! What a great accent item to her outfit that night, wow!Malin-Akerman-Mustache-Ring

If there is anything that can be said about the mustache ring trend, its that it is most definitely rising, and quickly. We know this trend is going to become something much larger than it already is, especially if its seen on celebs that have the status of the two in this piece!

From what we’ve seen, the mustache ring craze is definitely a hot one! If you’re looking for a fun and fashionable piece, a mustache ring is the way to go, hands down!

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